Set Meaning With its Various With Examples

Set Meaning With its Various With Examples


Hello everyone, today I am going to share with you a verb which is ‘Set’. In this article, you will learn about this verb (Set Meaning With its Various With Examples). This is the 16th verb of this series and I will keep it continue so I can publish as many as verbs on this website so everybody can enhance their English skills apart from this activity you also can learn other things related to English Grammar like phrasal verbs, grammar topics, parts of speech, etc… because I am trying to make my website like that so no one will face any problem while learning from ( ‘Set’ Meaning in detail.

Set Meanings With its Various With Examples
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Set: To put something at a place or in a position

For instance:

  • Whenever I come from school, I always set my dress at its place.
  • However it was not easy for David to set his room, but I helped him.
  • You should put see your unnecessary things in my room.

Tense forms of ‘Set’ (Click here for Tense Rules)

  • Present: set/sets, setting (progressive)
  • Past: set, set (past participle)
  • Future: set

Set Meaning With its Various With Examples

Phrasal verbs with ‘Set’

Set down: To inaugurate, establish

For instance:

  • Whatever you need to set down your new business, you can get things from my shop without any problem.
  • Now I am going to set down my bed in this corner.
  • We always try to set down humanity inside us.

Set aside: To reject or discard something

For instance:

  • They should not set aside my order rather than deliver it at my address as soon as possible.
  • Even though it was easy for him to set aside my file, I made him not to set aside my file.

Set up: To start something; to begin something

For instance:

  • I am going to set up a shoe company.
  • You might not set up this business because you don’t have enough experience in the marketing field.
  • It was not easy for me, but my friend helped me to set up a DJ sound at my house.

Set out (to): To do any work with determination

For instance:

  • They are going to set out to show their talent in a TV show which is quite famous all over the world.
  • You have to set out to complete this work on time.

Synonyms of ‘Set’ – put, deposit, adjust, lay

Set Meaning With its Various With Examples

Additional Meanings of ‘Set’

Set: To fix a target or goal

For instance:

  • Sam has to set a goal to pass the upcoming exams of his masters.
  • If you set a target in your life, you should try to achieve it.
  • I have set a target in my life and I will try to achieve until or unless I get it.

Set: To put something/someone in a situation

For instance:

  • A few days ago, you set me in a bad situation.
  • I have set your unnecessary things on fire.
  • I would like to say thank you to Peter because he set me in a better condition to drop me at my home last night.

Set: To establish; to make something

For instance:

  • My teacher is going to set a few rules for us.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo set a new record last year.

In this article, you have learned about a verb which is ‘Set’. While reading this article, You have got to know about this verb in detail like its additional meanings, synonyms, Phrasal verbs with ‘Set’ etc… If you want to read more articles about the verbs in detail like this so just click on the given link. More verbs.

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