Play Meaning With its Various With Examples

Play Meaning With its Various With Examples


Hello everyone, today I am going to share with you a verb which is ‘Play’. In this article, you will learn about this verb (Play Meaning With its Various With Examples). This is the 14th verb of this series and I will keep it continue so I can publish as many as verbs on this website so everybody can enhance their English skills apart from this activity you also can learn other things related to English Grammar like phrasal verbs, grammar topics, parts of speech, etc… because I am trying to make my website like that so no one will face any problem while learning from ( ‘Play’ Meaning in detail.

Play Meaning With its Various With Examples
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Play: To do something to enjoy an activity; to engage in a game, sport, or activity to perform

For instances:

  • I play football in the morning.
  • Even though she plays soccer daily, she is not improving her participation while playing a match.
  • You must play an activity daily because it will help you to improve your fitness.

Tense forms of ‘Play’ (Click here for Tense Rules)

  • Present: play/plays, playing (progressive)
  • Past: played, played (past participle)
  • Future: play

Play Meaning With its Various With Examples

Phrasal verbs with ‘Play’

Play on: To take advantages of something

For instances:

  • She is playing on my emotions.
  • However, Jessica was trying to play on peter’s money, but he decided to break up with her.
  • We should not play on someone’s feelings or emotions.

Play with: To consider any idea but not seriously; to think about an idea to do but not in a serious way.

For instances:

  • Those days Jack was playing with the idea of starting a wine shop.
  • A few years ago, I used to play with the plan of opening a free library, but I was unable to open it.
  • We should not play with the idea of opening a gym because we don’t have enough money at present.

Play up: To create a problem or any kind of pain

For instances:

  • Her broken finger is playing up again.
  • If you go to start something, your enemies will play up for you so be careful.
  • Whenever I think too much about my future, my mind plays up for me.

Play around: To handle/control something in a nonchalant or careless manner

For instances:

  • Don’t play around with your studies, be serious because you have the last chance to pass this exam.
  • You should not play around with your business otherwise you will lose it.
  • I am not going to play around with my future because I want to be a successful man in my life.

Play at: To do something without interest

For instances:

  • Nick is just playing at running an online business.
  • She was just playing at her English classes these days.

Play Meaning With its Various With Examples

Additional Meanings of ‘Play’

Play: To make music with a musical instrumental

For instances:

  • I have to play the guitar because I am going to perform in a concert next month.
  • I teach my students how to play musical instruments like piano, guitar, violin, etc..
  • John plays the violin when he gets free time from his work.

Play: To perform/act as a character

For instances:

  • I was playing as a comedian in that movie.
  • Lucy always plays as a main character in the movies because her acting is superb.
  • They are going to play as a team in a dance show.

Play: To pretend to be a certain way/ to act

For instances:

  • He was playing dumb, but he knew all the things.
  • She has taught her parrot how to talk with others.


In this article, I have covered a verb which is ‘Play’. I wrote about it in detail like its additional meanings, phrasal verbs with examples, and if want to read more articles about the verbs in detail like this article so just click on the given link. More verbs

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