Open Meaning With its Various With Examples

Open Meaning With its Various With Examples


Hello everyone, today I am feeling wonderful to share with a verb which is ‘Open’. In this article, you will learn about this verb (Open Meaning With its Various With Examples). This is the fifth verb of this series and I will keep it continue so I can publish as many as verbs on this so everybody can enhance their English skills apart from this activity you also can learn other things related to English Grammar (Learn Language Skills). Let’s have a look at this verb which is ‘Open’.

Open Meaning With its Various With Examples
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Open: To move something like that so it is not in a closed position

For instance:

  • Could you open the door, please?
  • First of all, I would like to open the window because I am feeling suffocation.
  • Don’t you mind if I open the door?

Tense Forms (Click here for Tense Rules)

  • Present Form:- open/opens, opening (progressive/v4)
  • Past:- opened, opened (past participle)
  • Future:- open.

Additional Meanings of ‘Open’

Open: To remove from a container/box to reveal/show something

For instance:

  • Don’t you wanna open your gift which I bought only for you?
  • Alisha is going to open her new dress so everyone can see it properly without any problem.
  • Sam was trying to open a box 2 days ago, but he didn’t open the box.

Open: To be ready (for service or business)

For instance:

  • I think John is opening his cafe because it’s already too late now.
  • When Lucy open her shop at 9 am, many customers wait for it to be opened.
  • I think we should open the group chat now so everyone could send messages in the group again.

Open Meaning With its Various With Examples

Open: To make something on the computer/laptop ready

For instance:

  • David was unable to open the file that I sent him the day before yesterday so I have helped today to open it.
  • They are going to open our school’s files on their computers.
  • I am trying to open my e-mail account, but I am struggling with it.

Idiomatic Expressions with ‘Open’

Open: To open (somebody’s/someone’s) eyes

Note: we use this expression when we make someone/somebody realize something shocking/surprising.

For instance:

  • He really opened my eyes to how delicious Mexican food was yesterday.
  • We think the last marathon has opened Peter’s eyes to how difficult it was so he will have to prepare himself again to win the marathon race next time.

To open up: we use this expression when we share our experience and feelings.

For instance:

  • I should open up and tell you about my experience with my last job.
  • Jonathan should open up himself with his family what he is going to open for his bright future.

Synonyms of ‘Open’ – Unlock, Reveal, Extend, Unroll, Unfold.

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