Lose Meaning With its Various With Examples

Lose Meaning With its Various With Examples


Hello everyone, today I am going to share with a verb which is ‘Lose’. In this article, you will learn about this verb (Lose Meaning With its Various With Examples). This is the second verb of this series and you will be getting as many as verbs I can publish on this website (Learn Language Skills). Let’s have a look at this verb which is ‘Lose’.

Lose Meaning With its Various With Examples
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Lose Meaning With its Various With Examples

Lose: To miss something from your possessions; to miss

  • I lost my bag because I do not look after my things.
  • He often loses his socks in the house because he doesn’t put in the right place.
  • He always loses a sock in the laundry.

Tense Forms (Click here for Tense Rules)

  • Present Form: Lose/Loses, losing (progressive/V4)
  • Past participle: Lost
  • Present Participle: Losing
  • Future: Lose

Additional Meanings:

Lose: To suffer because of no longer having something

For instances:

  • I lost my grandmother last year.
  • He lost his leg in a terrible accident.
  • She lost her father when she was 15.

Note: There is a serious loss, serious suffering because in this we lose something forever.

Lose: To fail to use.

For instances:

  • I lost so much money on this course.
  • He is going to lose his money in his new business because he doesn’t have much in shoe trading.

Lose: To fail to maintain.

For instances:

  • His father lost his mind when he saw his broken car.
  • He ran too fast and lost her breath.

Lose: To get of something

For instances:

  • He really needs to lose some weight.
  • Justin really needs to lose some weight

Lose Meaning With its Various With Examples

Idiomatic Expression:

Lose: To lose (one’s lunch): – To vomit, to throw up

For instances:

  • She is about to lose her lunch.
  • They lost their lunch on the train.
  • When I was traveling on a bus, a person lost his lunch on the bus.

Phrasal Verb with ‘Lose’:

Lose out (to):  To be replaced by (someone/something)

For instances:

  • Small familiar shops are losing out to supermarkets.
  • She lost her job because she lost out to someone good enough in the job.

Synonyms of ‘Look’ – Leave, Drop, Forget, Miss

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