Look Meaning With its Various With Examples

Look Meaning With its Various With Examples


Hello everyone, today I am going to start a series about ‘Verbs’. In this series, you will learn about many verbs like the look, see, show, etc with their meaning and the possible variations of them with examples on this website (www.learnlanguageskills.com). As we know that how verbs are essential to learning to build our vocabulary because ‘A phrasal verb is made up two words and one of them is ‘Verb’ and the second one is ‘Preposition’. I am delighted to start this series on my website. So let’s have a look at the first verb which is ‘Look’ of this series. (Look Meaning With its Various With Examples)

Look Meaning With its Various With Examples
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The basic meanings of Look

  • To use eyes; to use vision
  • Using your vision skills.
  • Using your eyes to look.
  • To turn your eyes towards something.

The basic difference between seeing and look is that see means to perceive with the eyes and look means to focus the eyes on something or to direct your attention towards something.

The tense form of Look:-

  • Present forms:  look, looks, looking (progressive)
  • Past forms: looked, looked (past participle)
  • Future: look

Look Meaning With its Various With Examples

Additional Meanings of Look

  • Look- To appear by

For instance:

  • “John and Jack have had a rough year.” “Yeah, they look it.”
  • Lucy is 60, but She doesn’t look it.— She does not appear as a 60-year-old woman.

Note:- In these two sentences, the look is referring to matching some other information about a person or about a condition/situation

  • Look-To seem

For instance:

  • It looks pretty tough.
  • This is looking like it’s going to be easier than I thought.

Note:- In these two sentences, we can replace the verb look with seem.

  • Look – To have in mind as a goal

For instance:

  • I am looking to buy a new computer by the end of the year.
  • She is looking to complete her job transfer by next week.

Looking= we are in the progress of working towards a goal.

Look-To express with eyes or face

For instance:

  • Sujata looked surprised.
  • She looks pretty angry.

Note:- In these two sentences, we are talking about eye expression or facial expression.

Look Meaning With its Various With Examples

Let’s Look at a few Phrasal Verbs with ‘LOOK’

  • Look Into- To investigate something

For instance:

  • I need to look into these accusations.
  • Did you look into the requirements for your license?
  • Look the other way- To direct attention away from something unpleasant

For instance:

  • We can’t just look the other way while our boss mistreats the employees in our country.
  • You shouldn’t look the other way when your fellow humans are in trouble.
  • Look for: Try to find something

For instance:

  • Recently I lost my job so I am looking for a new job abroad.
  • Yesterday my friend was looking for her book so I helped her to find the book.
  • Look After: Take care of

For instance:

  • She had to go home yesterday because she is the only one who looks after her mother.
  • Peter looks after all the things which belong to him because nobody looks after his things.
  • Look at: See carefully

For instance:

  • Justin doesn’t know why his brother was looking at hin yesterday, but that was nice.
  • The girls are looking at the sky because there is a rainbow out.

Synonyms of ‘Look’ – Focus, Stare, Watch, See, Judge, Reckon, View, Glance

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