Carry Meaning With its Various With Examples

Carry Meaning With its Various With Examples


Hello everyone, today I am going to share with you a verb which is ‘Carry’. In this article, you will learn about this verb (Carry Meaning With its Various With Examples). This is the 7th verb of this series and I will keep it continue so I can publish as many as verbs on this website so everybody can enhance their English skills apart from this activity you also can learn other things related to English Grammar (Learn Language Skills). Let’s have a look at this verb which is ‘Carry’.

Carry Meaning With its Various With Examples
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Carry: Hold something and take it to another place or keep it with you.

For instance:

  • However, it was very heavy, but my friend helped me to carry my backpack in addition to carry my suitcase.
  • Do you mind if I carry your suitcase?
  • Whenever we go out, we often carry our mobile phone with us. 

Synonyms of ‘Carry’ – transfer, move, take, shift, transport, bring, convey

Tense forms of ‘Carry’

  • Present: Carry/carries, carrying (progressive)
  • Past: Carried, carried (past participle)
  • Future: Carry

Carry Meaning With its Various With Examples

Additional Meanings of ‘Carry’

Carry: To have a gene or illness

For instance:

  • However many people carry diseases, but they don’t know about them.
  • There are millions of people who are carrying a viral disease which is Coronavirus, but they are not aware of it.
  • John who is carrying a fever that’s why he is feeling ill.

Carry: To move something a success

For instance:

  • A good leader carries his team through a difficult time, in addition, to make his team successful.
  • The influencers can carry their show easily.

Carry: to reach a distance

For instance:

  • Your imagination power can carry you around the world without any problem.
  • Our subconscious mind could carry our powers to use them in a better way.

Carry: To move people or things from one place to another

For instance:

  • The trains carry the passengers to their destination.
  • The bus carries the children to school.
  • Smith uses his car to carry goods from the market because he buys a lot of things.

Carry Meaning With its Various With Examples

Phrasal verbs with ‘Carry’ (Click here for Tense Rules)

Carry away: To arouse too much emotional/zeal

For instance:

  • Emma was carried away by the emotional senses of the movie. Therefore, her tears came out.
  • My friend is often carried away by my emotion because he cannot see me in the worst situation.
  • Peter got carried away watching TV.

Carry Out: To complete or fulfill/ to execute someone’s instructions

For instance:

  • However my friends don’t carry out the order of the boss, but I carry out.
  • We must carry out the order of our parents.
  • They should always try to carry out the instructions of their teacher because it will help them.

Carry on: To continue to do something

For instance:

  • If you fail at something, you should not give up rather than carry on again to achieve your goals.
  • However Jessica goes to work daily, but she has been carrying on her studies for 6 years.

Carry off: To execute something

For instance:

  • If you make any action plan in your life, you must carry off it to get success in your life life.
  • If I set any kind of target in my life, I must try to carry off it unless or unless I get it.

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