Call Meaning With its Various With Examples

Call Meaning With its Various With Examples


Hello everyone, today I am going to share with you a verb which is ‘Call’. In this article, you will learn about this verb (Call Meaning With its Various With Examples). This is the 12th verb of this series and I will keep it continue so I can publish as many as verbs on this website so everybody can enhance their English skills apart from this activity you also can learn other things related to English Grammar like phrasal verbs, grammar topics, parts of speech, etc… because I am trying to make my website like that so no one will face any problem while learning from ( ‘Call’ Meaning in detail.

Call Meaning With its Various With Examples
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Call: To contact someone using a mobile phone or other devices

For instances:

  • However, I tried to call you at your number, but I didn’t connect, unfortunately.
  • You can call me anytime because I am free tomorrow.
  • If you tell me a certain time to call you, I will call at that time without any problem.

Tense forms of ‘Call’ (Click here for Tense Rules)

  • Present: call/calls, calling (progressive)
  • Past: called, called (past participle)
  • Future: Call

Phrasal verbs with ‘Call’

Call at: To visit a place to meet someone

For instances:

  • Firstly, I would like to call at your office, then we will go to your house.
  • He is going to call at his house after that they will go for shopping in the evening.
  • It’s not an appropriate way to call at your office so I will call at your house.

Call Meaning With its Various With Examples

Call out: To use your voice loudly to get attention

For instances:

  • Whenever we win the match, our names are called out on the loudspeaker.
  • We call out when we are unable to find our important things at their places.
  • You should not call out when nobody is going to focus on you.

Call up: To recall something

For instances:

  • A few days ago, Peter was trying to call up his old memories.
  • Sometimes we should call up our past days when we used to spend time with friends.

Call off: To cancel or postpone something

For instances:

  • Yesterday it was raining cats and dogs so the match was called off by the umpires.
  • The meeting was called off yesterday because of a few employees.

Additional Meanings of ‘Call’

Call: To ask somebody to come

For instances:

  • She is going to call the doctor because her son is so ill today.
  • You should call the doctor because your mother doesn’t look pretty well today.
  • I decided to call the teacher at home to teach my son because he is unable to walk properly.

Call: To give a name to somebody or something

For instances:

  • My full name is Peter Parker, but you can call me by my first name which is Peter.
  • Please don’t call me baby.
  • They call me honey with kindness.

Call Meaning With its Various With Examples

In this article, I have covered a verb which is ‘Call’. I wrote about it in detail like its additional meanings, synonyms, phrasal verbs with examples, and if want to read more articles about the verbs in detail like this article so just click on the given link. More verbs

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